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Add SULFUR when Produce Rubber Sheet

After weighing the amount of the mixture and vulcanizing agent, the next thing to do is to add the vulcanizing agent, it is recommended to follow the following steps.

1.First of all, clean the mixer and ensure its cleanliness to prevent mixing other impurities. Then the roller spacing of the mixer is adjusted to the minimum, and the mixing glue is put into the mixer for thin connection. After the thin finish, the roll spacing of the mixer is appropriately enlarged, so that the mixing compound is evenly wrapped on the roller. The surface temperature of the compound should be around 80℃


2. By adjusting the roller spacing and properly cooling water, the temperature of the rubber mixture can be controlled at about 60-80 degrees C. At this time, vulcanizing agent is put into the rubber mixture.

Pay attention to the delivery:

A, put the vulcanizer evenly in the mixing rubber instead of concentrating in one place.

B, the speed of delivery can not be too fast. It is easy to drop the vulcanizate down to the bottom and not easy to disperse into the blend. This will affect the performance of the blend.

C, put the vulcanizer under the drum into the mixing compound.

3. When we do not see the curing agent and vulcanization accelerator, we will start cutting around two times. To better disperse the vulcanizing agent and vulcanizing promoter into the compound, it can be confirmed by observing the form of the vulcanizing agent and the vulcanizing accelerator: if it is formed from a solid to a sticky silk, it will be mixed into the rubber and the mixing effect is good.

4. Take out the mixture and make a thin pass. In the case of thin pass, the roller spacing should be adjusted to the minimum and the number of thin passes should be 4~5 times.

When making the film, we must follow the thickness required by the product. The whole process should be noted that the completion time should not be too long, otherwise the Mooney viscosity and physical properties will be reduced.

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