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How to become an expert in rubber formulation design

How to become an expert in rubber formulation design as soon as possible, although it is an old topic, but I think there are a lot of new content, I start, I hope that experts in this forum to discuss:

First of all, it should be pointed out that there are five stages from the rubber layman who has just graduated from university to the rubber expert.

1. The mysterious phase, in which practitioners consider recipes mysterious and admire recipe engineers, was the idea of the general unworkable boss at the outset. (That's why most private bosses start hiring technicians at a high salary (S $S) u) K8? # K4 P. S2 y

Two. At this stage, practitioners have understood that the formula is composed of five major systems, and have a preliminary understanding of some of the main materials and coordination system, at this time, it often produces a despising mentality that the formula is not the same, but a basic formula extended to the production formula, which is a terrible one. At this stage, bosses despise technicians (which is why most bosses unload and kill donkeys in the middle and late stages of hiring technicians), and technicians in the industry develop inertia. 

Three. Feel the recipe design is very tasty stage, this stage is the growth stage of the industry, this stage can learn a lot of knowledge, I estimate that most of the current forum glue friends are in this stage.

Four. It is difficult to design formula, but it can be coped with at will. This is the mature stage of formula design. Most engineers in real enterprises are in this stage. 

Five. Feels that to design the ideal formula, all the materials in the original industry can not find the right raw materials, have to find alternatives in other related industries or even their own synthesis or modification of the original materials, this stage of the practitioners, has reached the formulation design expert stage.

From the above five stages of development, we can find a way to quickly train ourselves to become experts: 2Q! Z, W7 u

1. Starting from the foundation, do the glue refiner first, that is, first to understand the basic process characteristics, which is very helpful to the future design, because the formula design is not only physical design, but also the design of process passing. This stage is not only to master the basic process performance, but also to understand the best stage of the performance of various materials, it can greatly shorten the above two, three stages of time.

2. After finishing the basic stage, we should do more comparative tests of various materials. It is better to use the orthogonal test method to test. It can find out the correlation of various materials to various physical characteristics accurately and effectively, so as to quickly enter the fourth stage mentioned above. 9 J2 z: G'D6 J& P P3 w

3. The fifth stage, in fact, depends on the understanding of the practitioners, but there is an old saying very useful: diligence can make up for clumsiness. At this stage, theory is really important, with the basis of the above four stages, the deeper the theoretical knowledge, the higher the level of experts, such as foreign Professor Qian En, domestic academician Xu Qi.

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