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How to Carry out Quality Management in Rubber Enterprises

There are many factories, once there are quality problems, they put the responsibility on the quality department, which is the responsibility of the quality department, because they all have this view:

Accidental flaws are unavoidable if a few of them are allowed to be harmful.

Quality is the responsibility of quality control department.

Only pay attention to product inspection, the inspectors need to be responsible for solving defective products;

If something goes wrong, they all think it's the matter of the quality department.

I think many friends who do quality work have felt this way more or less. Often when writing reports, the quality department is completed by one person, and other departments basically ignore it; the boss thinks that quality is not very important, R&D is very important, and making money is the most important. Therefore, the quality department in the company does not have any status, often say a few truths, it should be flashed.

So, is the product quality produced or tested?

First of all, we should analyze the relationship between first and second, active and passive. As we all know, products are produced first and tested later. In other words, only Mr. A. produces products can be inspected. If there is no product, there is no way to inspect. What is the result of good or bad?

Obviously: production is active and inspection is passive. Before the concept of "product quality comes from production, not from inspection", the early quality management was limited to quality inspection, and only the quality of products could be checked afterwards.

William Deming's famous saying of quality points out that the quality of products can only be guaranteed if every link in the production process is strictly carried out in accordance with the requirements of the production process and operation instructions. If we neglect process control and only rely on inspection, it is impossible to guarantee product quality, because quality inspection can only eliminate inferior products and waste products, and can not improve product quality. In other words, the focus of quality control must not be on the post-mortem checkpoint, but on the manufacturing stage, that is, the production process stage.

_Why are there quality problems?

If the problem is not handled properly before product development and the direct rate of mass production is too low, we hope to rely on quality fire fighting and increase the frequency of detection to reduce defective or unqualified products; add reworked materials, unqualified materials, but without prior testing and verification, without accurate knowledge of product quality fluctuations; customers urge for goods Under the above pressure, the boss speaks according to his so-called practical experience. For products that are not in the standard range, special release is implemented, which leads to product problems; the industry has improved the quality standards of products, and the company still produces according to the original standards; non-artificial quality problems occur in the production process, but they are not inspected. In the range of frequency measurement, etc.

A True Case of Quality

Case 1:

The rubber oil seal produced by a company was used for automotive parts. It was found that the quality of secondary gum used in this batch was not good, the rubber parts made from raw materials could not reach the service life, and the products were not qualified, which caused huge losses.

Case two:

The rubber outsole manufactured by a company is not strictly controlled by the matching EVA manufacturer, which leads to the degumming of the shoe materials manufactured by the company, which leads to the huge loss of the company.

Case three:

Due to the lack of strict moisture control of rubber mixtures, rubber manufacturers in the process of processing rubber, rubber materials appear various bubbles, resulting in a large number of substandard products, the final product is returned, and compensation has been made for the losses.

There are many cases of rubber quality. If the quality department is to blame for all these situations, it would be very unjust. In my opinion, every link of quality management system needs quality control, which is obviously not fully undertaken by the quality inspection department or the quality management department, and must be implemented by the personnel in the best position. For example, it is very easy to find quality problems in the production process of some products, but it is difficult to find them in the detection. At this time, the producer obviously knows better about quality problems than the quality inspector. If the operator does not actively control quality and only depends on the quality inspector to check, the product quality can not be fundamentally guaranteed.

_How to control the quality of products in an all-round way

At the design stage, the product is basically positioned, and then the quality is guaranteed by purchasing, processing, manufacturing, packaging and transportation. If these links are well controlled, the quality will naturally be well controlled. Therefore, product quality is achieved in the design and production process, and quality is achieved through process management. How to control product quality:

Firstly, establishing quality is the lifeblood consciousness of an enterprise

All staff should realize that if the quality of the product is not good, there will be no market for the product, and if there is no market for the product, the enterprise will lose its profit source. If the time goes on, the enterprise will close down, and then the unemployment of the employees will follow. Of course, for the company, even if the product market is good, but also to "live in safety and take precautions against danger", to make the product quality better, create a better corporate reputation. As the saying goes, "If you are in full bloom, the breeze will come."

Second, establish customer awareness of quality

All take the customer as the center, regard oneself as the customer, regard oneself as the operator of the next process, regard oneself as the consumer of the product. In this way, we will consciously do a good job in the work, everyone will do a good job, the quality of products will be guaranteed, if we cut corners in the work, it will endanger our personal interests.


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