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China Rubber Industry Association of waste rubber comprehensive utilization branch was established in January 17, 1985, is the National Rubber Industry Association of China's national waste rubber comprehensive utilization professional branch.

The Secretariat is located in Nanjing, Jiangsu, and the staff are full-time staff members of the association under the Ministry of personnel of the China Rubber Industry Association.

Under the leadership of the China Rubber Industry Association, we strictly abide by the articles of association of the China Rubber Industry Association, adhere to the purpose of service, guide the development of the industry, strengthen the self-discipline of the industry, reflect the demands of the industry, and focus on the hot and difficult points in the industry. In the framework of the development of China's rubber industry, the views on the development and legislation of the industry are put forward. Suggestions are made to formulate self-discipline standards of industry, based on circular economy, advocating scientific and technological innovation, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and actively organizing enterprises to participate in the domestic and foreign economic and technical exchanges and cooperation of China Rubber Industry Association, study abroad and conference exhibitions. Under the general authority, we should develop members and complete the research, revision, improvement and planning of the government's trade policies, promote and strengthen the communication and communication between the government and industry, enterprises, enterprises and enterprises, and promote the scientific, green, harmonious and sustainable development of the waste rubber comprehensive utilization industry.

Under the leadership of the Council, two meetings of the Council and 1-2 new technology, new technology and new equipment technology exchange conferences are held each year; 1 membership congresses are held in two years; monthly publication of the 1 issue of waste rubber utilization magazine and the use of "waste rubber net" as an exchange platform to transmit information from government and industry; monthly periodic statistics Analysis of the economic operation of enterprises, timely feedback to members, associations and relevant government departments as a basis for formulating industry development plans.

We are welcome to make our efforts to protect the environment, prevent the waste rubber from pollution and promote the recycling of rubber resources by joining the comprehensive utilization enterprises of waste rubber and related units and research institutions to join the China Rubber Industry Association waste rubber comprehensive utilization branch.

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