The Origin of Rubber and the Composition of Rubber Plate Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes

The Origin of Rubber and the Composition of Rubber Plate

The Origin of Rubber and the Composition of Rubber Plate

According to the literature, these balls have excellent elasticity, and even the visiting Spaniards believed that these balls had evil spirits. Rubber is also used as a band to fasten wooden handles to stone or metal appliances and as a filler for handles.

Maya people can use rubber to make shoes. Although Central American indigenous peoples do not formally vulcanize rubber as modern people do, they can still use organic matter to achieve similar effects, such as mixing unprocessed emulsions into SAP of different varieties of trees or sap of some vines.

Some indigenous people in Brazil use rubber to make waterproof cloth. There was a rumor that Portuguese people took these clothes back to their motherland and frightened their fellow countrymen. As a result, they were tried on charges of witchcraft.

When rubber was introduced into Britain, it was found that this material could effectively erase the traces left by pencils. So now rubber rubbers are also used to describe erasers in English. Interestingly, today's American custom is eraser, but rubber is used to describe condoms.

Natural rubber origins Trifolium rubber tree provides the most commercial rubber. When it is injured, it secretes a lot of SAP rich in rubber emulsion. In addition, fig trees and some Euphorbiaceae plants can also supply rubber.

During World War II, Germany was tested to obtain rubber from these plants because of the blockage of rubber supplies, but later changed to produce artificial rubber. At first rubber trees grew well in South America, but now there are many rubber trees planted in Southeast Asia through artificial transplantation.

In fact, Asia has become the most important place of rubber origin. Rubber made from Chrysanthemum gum can reduce sensitivity. Other rubber materials, although more than half of them are now manufactured, are still very important in some areas, such as automotive and military industries.

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